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Daniel La Vallee

President, NICET III, Gamewell-FCI Factory Certification, Silent Knight Farenhyt Factory Certification, Silent Knight Record of Completion for Emergency Communication Systems, Qualifying Party AZROC C-16, Qualifying Party AZROC CR-67

Brian Hutson

Vice President, Gamewell-FCI Factory Certification,  Silent Knight Record of Completion for Emergency Communication Systems, CSA Fire Extinguishers, Arizona State Board of Technical Registration Controller, OSHA 30, Backflow Testing Certification


Our Company

Prior to B&D Fire Protection (“B&D”) were two fire alarm installers and managers who cared heavily about the Fire Protection and Alarm business. We noticed many poorly installed fire systems. Wiring was draped across ceilings, devices were mounted in locations not to code, devices were not set to the right candelas or wattages, etc. We also observed that many fire departments were not well trained in finding those deficiencies, so the system ended up getting green tagged and the end users got the short end of the stick. Observing that many fire alarm systems have been, and continue to be, installed incorrectly, we started B&D Fire Protection, LLC. Since our conception we have installed multi-million dollar systems throughout Arizona for some of the most prominent companies and facilities in Arizona and the United States (Peoria Unified School District (PUSD), Northern Arizona University (NAU), Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD), The Federal Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma Arizona, Yavapai College in Prescott, and many more.)

B&D Fire Protection, LLC is an Arizona company. We are a locally owned small business that started with a team of highly experienced fire alarm installation experts and have experienced positive growth. Ownership of the company consists of National Institute for the Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified level III, CSA Extinguishers, etc.
B&D Fire is a Johnson Controls’ Autocall distributor with capacity easily capable of handling complex installations.
We have a central monitoring station. Twenty-four hours, 7-day emergency service is available to all customers. We use computerized dispatching with a history of call information, testing and inspections based on NFPA recommendations. We utilize fully loaded service vehicles with repair parts and service tools — enough inventory to bring your fire alarm systems back online within 24 hours. Our personnel training includes N.I.C.E.T and C.S.A. certification along with advanced Gamewell-FCI, Silent Knight, Notifier, EST, Firelite, VESDA, Chemetron, Honeywell, and Johnson Controls’ Autocall classes.
At B&D, we recognize the critical nature of your fire and life safety systems in protection of people and property, which must be properly installed to meet your expectation of performance. We appreciate the opportunity to be your fire and life safety systems installation company and promise to deliver a professional system which will exceed industry standards.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance manager, project manager and superintendent are fully responsible for the coordination and review of the project documents and site conditions to determine the constructability during each phase of the project. The project team reviews specific project details with subcontractors to determine constructability and quality of construction. This includes, but is not limited to, review of specified materials, equipment and applicable alternates, conformance to generally accepted construction practices and planning of inspections.

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